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Episode 15 - Vic Armstrong
September 19, 2020 05:15 AM PDT
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Get ready to hear some Movie Memory Magic, including tales about Superman, Indian Jones, Spielberg, Scorsese, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford. Vic once dreamed of becoming a Jockey, one day he took a job riding a horse on a Film Set and since then he has performed on some of the most iconic films of all times and also become a successful 2nd Unit Director and Director. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 14 - Nina Armstrong
September 12, 2020 01:33 PM PDT
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Nina, like her Mother was born into a Stunt family and in her interview she tells us what it was like growing up with Stunt rehearsals happening in the back garden, travelling to locations around the world whilst her parents worked and eventually her natural transition into Stunts. Nina has had an amazing career that began at a very young age, her credits include Bonds, Game Of Thones, Mission and many more. She also tells her what it was like becoming a Stunt Mum, and how the love of horses and riding continues to be passed down to another generation of Armstrong. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 13 - Wendy Armstrong
September 05, 2020 12:24 AM PDT
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Wendy was born into a Stunt Family and appeared on the back of a horse in her first film when she was just 8 years old. Wendy has had an amazing career and she still enjoys getting the pad bag out. Her career has included credits such as the Lois Lane Stunt Double in the Superman Films, Indian Jones, Bond, Omen and Wonder Woman. She also tells us what it was like bringing up her family whilst working and travelling and juggling the two lives. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 12 - Tolga Kenan
August 22, 2020 12:20 AM PDT
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Tolga, started his career at 10 years old on the first Harry Potter, as the second Harry stunt double. Over the years he went on to double some of our other favourite Potter characters, including Neville Longbottom, in which he performs an epic flatback fall to the ground, it’s when Neville is frozen, you’ll hear all about it in his interview. Tolga has had an incredible career and since Harry Potter, as well as performing, he has also become a talented and established rigger, his credits include films such as, Bond, Star Wars, Paddington, Fantastic Beasts, Bourne, Pan and Maleficent. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 11 - Helen Bailey
August 15, 2020 12:57 AM PDT
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Helen has been performing stunts since 2006. She tells us how she trained in gymnastics and martial arts from a young age, studied martial arts in Japan and how eventually her path led her to become a stunt performer. Since then, Helen has gone on to double many leading ladies and talks about feeling the pressures of weight-loss to be the best stunt double, whilst maintaining a strong and healthy physique for the job. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 10 - David Garrick
August 08, 2020 01:07 PM PDT
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David was in the parachute regiment and solider for over a decade. His love for jumping out of airplanes continued when he became a stuntman, and he was part of the incredible stunt team that performed the opening sequence in Batman, Dark Knight Rises, which involved jumping out a Hercules Aircraft doing 130 knots at 13,000 feet. You will hear all about this in his interview as well as a very entertaining story involving a fight scene with Robert Downey Jr. David has an incredible list of credits including Bond, Batman, Reign Of Fire, Sherlock and Doc Martin, which is one of his favourite jobs and locations. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 9 - Marvin Campbell
July 25, 2020 12:06 AM PDT
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Marvin Campbell was an Olympic Gymnast and has gone on to be an accomplished Stuntman. In his interview he talks about this unexpected transition and some of his most exciting stunts, including working on the crane to crane jump on Casino Royale, and why you should always pack your pads when someone tells you “It’s a simple job”!

We also talk about something we haven’t discussed on the podcast before: Race. Marvin gives some insight into what it’s like to work as a black performer in an industry that is still overwhelmingly white.

At the time we release this interview there are approximately 442 members on the British stunt register, and only around 6% are black men or women, a percentage that obviously does not represent the diversity we need to be aiming for in the industry.

We also touch on a practice known within the industry as “blacking up”, where white stuntmen are made up to double black actors. Although this practice is much less common than it once was, it does still happen, and we believe it is valuable to talk about why that is the case. During this moment where every industry in the world is examining itself and its relationship to racism, we think it’s a good conversation for people to hear. We hope you enjoy.

Please note: Interview with Marvin recorded in April 2019

Episode 8 - Guiomar Alonso
July 18, 2020 01:35 AM PDT
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Guiomar Alonso was born and raised in Spain and grew up around horses and sport. She was a Spanish Show Jumping Champion and studied physiotherapy, but her path lead her in to becoming a stunt performer. Since then she has taken the journey from Spain to the UK and become part of the British Stunt Register and community. Guiomar has an amazing list of credits and has doubled many leading ladies, including, Penelope Cruz, Gemma Arteton, Emma Watson and Caterina Murino. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 7 - Mike Lambert
July 11, 2020 12:13 AM PDT
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Mike Lambert is an incredibly talented Fight Coordinator and has an impressive list of credits, including, Fantastic Beasts, Kick Ass and the Bond, Batman and Marvel franchises. Mike, now fluent in Cantonese, tells us how he started his stunt career in Hong Kong not knowing any of the language, and how this didn’t hold him back in landing a role in the film Unleashed, where he has an epic bathroom fight with Jet Lee. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 6 - Rocky Taylor
June 26, 2020 11:52 PM PDT
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The word Legend doesn’t really cut it when it comes to Rocky Taylor. He’s one of the absolute giants of the industry and he’s been lighting up your screens since the 1960s. He currently holds the record for the oldest stuntman still working, he’s been in at least 12 Bond films from Dr.No all the way through to Skyfall, as well as appearing in classics such as Indiana Jones, Superman and Titanic. In this Podcast, Rocky tells us about how he was the first person to know Roger Moore had been cast as James Bond, what it was like to teach Judo to Cliff Richard and he gives us the inside story of the accident he had on the set of Deathwish 3. We hope you enjoy.

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