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Episode 30 - Paul Herbert
February 19, 2021 11:59 PM PST
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Paul has been performing stunts since the early 90’s and since then has gone on to becoming a successful Stunt Coordinator, his credits include: Bond, Fifth Element, Game Of Thrones, Band Of Brothers, and Johnny English to name a few. In his interview, Paul talks about some of most challenging Stunts he has performed, including his fire jobs and performance on Titanic. He also explains the procedure of being set on fire and how to go about running someone over safely with a tank! We hope you enjoy.

Episode 29 - Lewis Young
February 13, 2021 02:01 PM PST
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Lewis has been performing stunts for over 10 years and his introduction was performing as a Snatcher on Harry Potter, running through the forest after Dan, Rupert and Emma! Lewis has become a successful stunt performer and has appeared in Game of Thones, Batman, Star Wars, Kingsman and many more. In his interview Lewis tells us of that journey and some of his experiences along the way, we also discuss race within the stunt department and when “blacking up” is necessary for safety. Finally, we also touch on a very emotional time in Lewis’ life, when him and David actually met, when his younger bother Jay was injured. We hope you enjoy. Quick note: There is a little swearing throughout the interview, so I apologise in advance for this.

Episode 28 - Kim McGarrity
February 06, 2021 03:15 AM PST
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Kim is most definitely one of our toughest, bravest stunt performers. Kim has worked on many productions over the years, including Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Thor, Gravity, Hot Fuzz and Stardust and has some performed many incredible stunts. In her interview Kim tells us about some of those stunts, including how to approach getting hit by a motorbike and how to ride along on the back of a Bull whilst shooting a gun! We hope you enjoy.

Episode 27 - Ian Kay
January 23, 2021 03:26 AM PST
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Ian has been performing stunts for over 15 years and unlike many stunt performers he has a background in dance. Ian and David met on Harry Potter and like David he has also doubled for Dan. Ian has an impressive credit list, including Justice League, Attack The Block, Game Of Thrones, Pan and Avengers. In his interview Ian tells us about an accident he had on set, the people that inspired him when growing up and his proudest stunt. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 26 - Chloe Bruce
January 16, 2021 12:49 AM PST
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Chloe was World Champion in Free Style Martial Arts and it was this skill, which got her an audition for her first film. Since then, Chloe has gone to have a successful career, including doubling for Zoe Saldana on Guardians of the Galaxy and Daisy Ridley, as Ray in Star Wars, a dream come true. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 25 - Bradley Farmer
January 09, 2021 12:10 AM PST
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Brad and David met on the first Harry Potter and share many great memories together. Brad has been involved with Stunts since 1998 and has an extensive credit list, including: Star Wars, Hitman’s Bodyguard, Bond, Batman, Avengers, Game Of Thrones and Band Of Brothers. In his interview Brad shares some of his on set experiences, including, what it was like doing a naked stair fall, life as a Stormtrooper and what it was like being buried under sand, to then find yourself trapped! We hope you enjoy.

Episode 24 - Eunice Huthart
December 12, 2020 12:33 AM PST
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Eunice has been involved in the film industry for over 24 years now, but her path into Stunts, was by competing in TV show Gladiators in 1994. Eunice has gone from dodging the milkman unable to him, to becoming Angelina Jolie’s main stunt double and now a successful Stunt Coordinator. Her impressive credit list includes: Fantastic Beasts, Pan, Maleficent, Dark Shadows, Salt, Bond, The Beach and many more. In her interview she tells us about joining the film industry, what it’s like jumping from the top of a 78ft waterfall and how lying on your resume might not be a good idea, but entertaining for everyone else to watch! We hope you enjoy.

Episode 23 - George Cottle
December 05, 2020 02:34 AM PST
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David and George met when David was just 14 years old, on his first job on Lost In Space, they worked together for many years, including the Harry Potter films. George is an amazingly talented stunt performer and now an established Stunt Coordinator. In his interview George tells us about what it was like driving on ice in Bond car chase, and, what it was like driving the Batmobile! He also shares some of his on set experiences and talks about some of the Directors and Actors he has worked with.We hope you enjoy.

Episode 22 - Ashley Beck
November 28, 2020 12:44 AM PST
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Ashely use to compete in something called Musical Forms, which is an acrobatic martial art, he then went on to train for the stunt register and immediately found himself work as a stunt double on Wrath Of The Titans. Ashely has gone to work on some well-known titles, including, Game Of Thrones, Kick-Ass, King Arthur and Star Wars. In his interview Ashley tells us about some of the stunts he’s performed, including his proudest to date, and also how stunts are involved in the gaming world. We hope you enjoy.

Episode 21 - Lucy Allen
November 14, 2020 12:43 AM PST
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Lucy has been performing stunts for almost 30 years and in those years she’s appeared in many Productions including, Titanic, the Bond films, Casualty, Peak Practice, Killing Eve and Harry Potter films. She has also gained a reputation for doubling Dames! In her interview Lucy tells us what it takes to be a stunt performer and how to calm yourself and ignore your natural feelings before performing a stunt and also shares some of her other on set stories, including the changes she’s noticed within the industry over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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